With so many systems operating concurrently in the modern building, a fully integrated control system ties it all together. We make integration simple.

Home Automation.

AVLX provide automation systems for the home, office and commercial applications – tying together various systems into a simple and elegant control solution.

We integrate lighting, climate controls, entertainment systems, security and access controls, and appliances behind a single control interface.


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Performance Controls.

With our extensive background experience as theatre and performance technicians, our expertise in the field of stage performance controls is unmatched in the region.

We can integrate building and stage lighting controls, audio controls, visual projection and screen management to a central control station, providing you with the state-of-the-art technical equipment for perfect performances.

DMX and DALI Lighting Controls.

AVLX pride ourselves on our ability to completely customise solutions and design specifically to meet a client brief. We work closely with our clients, design consultants and trade contractors to coordinate the delivery of services, and take pride in our quality and workmanship. 

Lighting Controls
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